Heat Gun Stripping

I had a few moments tonight at work. I had my friend’s heat gun and I was very curious, so I dove in.

I went for it, and nothing happened… for about 30-45 seconds. Then a big bubble appeared. I stuck my flathead screwdriver under it and a huge piece of poly just lifted up. I kept going, and within 20 minutes it was all off. Holy shit! It was SUPER easy.

Edit: there was 239 grams / 0.527 lbs of finish on the guitar.

Baja Peel Back 3

Baja Peel Back 2

Baja Peel Back 4

Baja Peel Back 1

Baja Stripped Front

Baja Stripped Back

I’m extremely pleased so far.

Refinishing my Baja Telecaster.

I got my Baja Telecaster in 2008 from my friend Todd, formerly of Greenlight the Bombers as well as Replicator touring rhythm guitarist. I coveted this guitar, and then he sold all his gear and moved. This guitar was my bounty for fixing up and selling all of his other gear. It’s hard to believe that I’ve had this guitar for 7 years.

I love everything about this guitar except for the finish. I’m not a huge fan of the butterscotch, but the poly material really feels bad. I thought about getting a different, pre-finished body for it, but that seemed silly. Then, before I could do anything, I ended up getting the EGC, and this tele kind of took a backseat until recently. I’ve been pulling it out and realizing that I really love playing it. After my friend KevinĀ stripped his Tele, I figured that I could pull off something. Worst case is that I damage it and get another body, or I screw up the finish and have to do it again.

I’ve still not decided what color to paint the guitar. PROBABLY Mary Kaye white, but I might go with late 50s blonde (a la Jim Campilongo), or maybe an early 60s custom color. Thoughts?

Here is what I did today at work after hours.

Baja Front

Baja Front Close

Baja Back Close

Baja Body Angle

Baja Body Straight On

Baja S1 Wiring 1

Baja S1 Wiring2

My friendĀ has loaned me a heat gun. Sometimes soon I will start the great melt.