Cure Thoughts

Things I’ve been thinking about since seeing the Cure last night.

1. No mics on the amps. I think they have Palmer load boxes. This was fascinating to me.

2. A lot of people like the Cure. I think they are just kind of one of those universal bands now. Still, I don’t understand why. These were not cheap tickets, yet they sold out the bowl three nights. At the same time, it seems like I overheard half the crowd complaining that they don’t know most of the songs. Who pays $150 to see a show if they only know three songs by the band?

3. Reeves had a guitar tech and was getting new guitars handed to him every couple songs. Robert had his four/five guitars on stands behind him and would just swap them out himself. I don’t even remember seeing him tune. He needed no techs.

4. Robert has a couple Supro amps and a couple Roland Cube amps. My guess would be cubes for the Bass VI and Supros for guitar, but I could also see it being the reverse. Dude is such a gear weirdo.

5. The t-shirt designs were all pretty terrible. I got the most black and least offensive one. Still, I can’t imagine that the band really had much to do with these designs. They all seemed so by-the-numbers.

6. No wireless. Everyone had cables. In fact the whole stage setup was not overly complex. The lighting and video was set dressing, no all enveloping like most tours nowadays. It was more like an updated 80s show. Still, no wireless! I can’t remember the last time I’d seen a no-wireless stadium/amphitheater show.

7. Robert messed up Fascination Street. He went into the little Cmin6 descending bit 4 or 8 measures too early. Because of this, the whole band seemed to second guess where they were in the intro. This delighted me. It was so human and great to have an imperfect live experience. I loved it!

8. Some of the old songs got “rocked out”. “A Forest” just sound weird with big, warm sounding guitars and a big kick-snare AC/DC beat. The original recording is so cold and stiff and willfully minimal and restrained. It wasn’t bad, but I feel some songs lost their spirit or intent.

9. The Robert Smith signature guitar looks terrible on anyone but Robert Smith. It looks fine on him, but on anyone else… ridiculous. Conversely, the Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk guitar looks good on anyone.

10. As for the concert overall.. there were a lot of songs, but the time FLEW by. Claudia commented that it seemed to go by in the same amount of time as one of my 22 minute punk rock shows 😉 Overall, it was a totally delightful and emotional experience.