Heat Gun Stripping

I had a few moments tonight at work. I had my friend’s heat gun and I was very curious, so I dove in.

I went for it, and nothing happened… for about 30-45 seconds. Then a big bubble appeared. I stuck my flathead screwdriver under it and a huge piece of poly just lifted up. I kept going, and within 20 minutes it was all off. Holy shit! It was SUPER easy.

Edit: there was 239 grams / 0.527 lbs of finish on the guitar.

Baja Peel Back 3

Baja Peel Back 2

Baja Peel Back 4

Baja Peel Back 1

Baja Stripped Front

Baja Stripped Back

I’m extremely pleased so far.


One thought on “Heat Gun Stripping

  1. I have that baha tele too and i’m curious if you ever got around to finishing you re-finishing? I don’t mind the color too much, but the idea of a removing half a pound of plastic from the guitar piques my interest… thanks for sharing the pics, looks like you got a decent piece of wood there…

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