Who’s that old dude at the show?

I’m thirty eight and a half years old. I play in many bands. One of them is a thrashy, hardcore punk band called Select Sex. My wife, being a wonderful woman, comes to many of the shows even though this is not her scene or style at all. Today, after visiting this page, she crafted the following list.

Top 10 signs you are too old to watch your husband play a hardcore show, by my wife Claudia.

10. The guy who just kicked you is young enough to be your son.
9. The camera he broke costs more than your first car.
8. They don’t check your ID to give you an alcohol wristband.
7. You’d rather be home reading a library book.
6. You come early, not to stand in front, but to find one of the only chairs to sit down in.
5. You pay bills online while the guys are doing sound check.
4. Your back hurts from standing through the opening bands’ sets.
3. When your husband comes home, you do not offer a post show B.J., but you do ask him to take out the compost.
2. The most exciting part of the evening was finding a parking space right in front.
1. Why so loud????

Love you, hon.

Select Sex @ Pehrspace, L.A.


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