Busy Busy Busy

I do not post here enough.

However, I started a Facebook page.

Where I put my small thoughts.

I finally got all of Jason Pace’s amps back to him. I also touched up the original KWB prototype. Scott Evans may be right; the Si diodes may be the best sounding. I change my mind all the time, so it’s a good thing I put the diods on sockets.

I finally, finally, finished Steve V’s “Explode” pedal. Steve playes guitar and yells in this wonderfully harsh band called Blacks. The pedal is a fun little fuzz circuit that is being driven with an insane booster. After the fuzz I tried a big muff style tone stack, but with separated bass and treble controls. It works better than I expected. I think Steve will like his one-off pedal.

I have a lot of pedals to build now. I’m a bit overwhelmed. Still, I worked all weekend, I’m making progress, I’m solving problems, and things seem to be falling into place. I hope to just have bigger and better nows as time goes on.

Also, buy a Cartographer record.