Weekend Log

Finished Trey P’s Bunnydrive.

Assembled and tested Mike D’s (no not that Mike D.) “mod-wah board” for experimentation on an upcoming filter pedal design.

Brainstormed on Steve V’s “EXPLODE” pedal, a crazy, over the top fuzz-stortion.

Recapped Jason P’s V-4.

Diagnosed Jason P’s YCV-50. Ordered the part. Traynor/Yorkville rules!

Restrung the EGC.


Tech Log 2011-03-09

Replaced a switch and battery clip on a 1986 RAT for Jeremy H.

Diagnosed Jason P’s Traynor. Looks like it’s just the wacky standby switch. Now, where do I get one of those?

Tuned up Jon G’s Fuzzy Bunny.

Experimented with the new fuzz circuit.

Worked on Trey P’s Bunnydrive; almost finished!

Pinched the hell out of my finger in a mic stand.